Bliss Salon

Bliss Salon no longer requires stylists and clients to wear a mask during an appointment. The salon said it is still keeping social distancing and sanitation methods in place.

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Coronavirus restrictions being lifted for St. Joseph businesses mean salons have been able to pull back on some rules while still keeping others in place for safety.

One big change is stylists and clients no longer have to wear masks during an appointment at a salon. The modification has been a welcome one to some of those who work in those businesses.

Bobbi Jo Hausman, owner of Bliss Salon, said masks make stylists’ jobs more difficult and are exhausting because of the long hours they work.

“It’s really hard to wear those for 12 hours and breathe and still be able to talk with your client and consult with them,” Hausman said.

Adam Meisinger, owner of Unique Creations Salon, agrees that the loosening of restrictions has made things much easier for employees and also customers coming in.

“It’s much more relaxed than it was prior to now,” Meisinger said.

However, both salons still offer masks for customers if they want them and said stylists will wear them if asked.

But while masks may be less in use, other safety measures remain in force. Hausman and Meisinger said even though restrictions are gone, they’re still limiting customers inside their businesses, social distancing and sanitizing everything.

“We are continuing to do one in and one out and all of our sterilization to keep everyone nice and clean and don’t have much of a seating area,” Hausman said.

She said clients still are asked not to bring people with them and to text staff when they get to the salon.

At Unique Creations, stylists now are allowing walk-ins rather than taking people only by appointment.

“We’ve always taken appointments but it was a little bit of a hassle doing appointments for every haircut and then going out to the parking lot to have people come in,” Meisinger said.

Meisinger said the sanitizing practices are something the salon always does no matter what and aren’t a burden to employees or clients.

The salons said the majority of customers understand and appreciate the restrictions that are still in place, but it puts some on edge.

“Some customers don’t like the social distancing, but we just have to do what we think is best for everybody,” Meisinger said.

The thing Hausman missed the most was seeing her customers smile on a regular basis, and she’s happy to experience that again.

“You don’t realize how much you miss something like that until you can’t actually see someone smile and see happiness,” Hausman said.

The restrictions in place now at both salons are planned to stay put for the foreseeable future until the St. Joseph community’s COVID-19 numbers decrease at a more rapid pace.

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