Roxanne (Hayes) Dalbey turns 80

Roxanne (Hayes) Dalbey will be celebrating her 80th birthday. She was born Aug. 19, 1939. Roxanne was raised in St. Joseph by Mike and Edna Zuchowski, and her late brother, Bud.

Roxanne was married to Billy Hayes and Dale Dalbey, who are now both deceased. Roxanne is the mother of five children: Robert, Russell, Marcie, Mike, Chris, and was mother to several others. Roxanne has 16 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Roxanne, also known as “Aunt Punky,” has several nieces and nephews.

Roxanne retired from St. Joseph State Hospital, after 18 years of service. She now enjoys being at home surrounded by family and friends, and going to church.

Come celebrate with her from 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 18, 2019, at the Letter Carrier Hall, located at 2301 St. Joseph Ave., St. Joseph.