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SJC Marketing

507 Francis St. Ste. 212

St. Joseph, MO 64501

(816) 396-8575



SJC Marketing was founded as Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions in 2005. Founder Susan Campbell led the development of the brand by supporting organizations, marketing teams and national companies in the creation of their marketing content. Through this work, the demand for services evolved beyond marketing content to include full traditional and digital marketing services. Through this evolution, the company expanded from a single professional to a team of 15, with an additional five team members that support SJC Marketing efforts through contract work.

Today: SJC is a marketing, communication and content creation company. It offers professional communication solutions for businesses and organizations. With its team of writers, marketing professionals, design and development gurus and social media experts, it offers targeted content and highly-focused marketing plans. It delivers exceptional strategies and unique content, backed by proven research and creativity. Clients range from chambers of commerce, locally-owned businesses, innovative startups and international companies.

Environment: SJC Marketing is focused on excellent design, content, strategies and campaigns for its clients. In doing so, it manages a unique environment of innovation, flexibility and a family-first philosophy. This healthy approach to work-life balance enables the creation of a strong team with extremely low turn-over, solid collaboration and powerful campaigns.

Staff: The SJC Marketing Staff ranges in experience and expertise, creating a dynamic team for the creation of successful campaigns and long-term client relationships. Team SJC is passionate for collaboration with clients and community partnerships.

This company was founded on the belief that content is key to any success that an organization can have. Because it all starts with content - from words on a letterhead to keywords in your blogs to your online web content. So yes, they do full-service marketing, but they also write ... so you can shine.

For more information on who SJC Marketing is and what they do, check out our website at sjc.marketing.