LifeLine Foods recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its $1.8 million Premier Tech Chronos packaging line.

LifeLine Foods, LLC. announces the installation of a state of the art

$1.8 million Premier Tech Chronos packaging line.

This investment reinforces the long-term commitment LifeLine Foods has to its headquarters in St. Joseph, along with efficiently providing customers consistent products.

“As customer expectations evolve, so must our business,” said LifeLine Foods Interim Chief Executive Officer Mike Sobetski. “We take pride in being able to make this

investment. Furthermore, we’re excited about what it can do to grow our business and the long-term economic impact in St. Joseph. ”

The Premier Tech Chronos packaging line provides increased efficiency, consistent bag weights, greater stability of pallets for both transport and storage, as well as, increased product integrity and traceability.

“This investment contributes to our ongoing effort to ensure Lifeline Foods operates with high quality standards consistent with current regulatory requirements,” said Casey

Housman, Operations Manager. “Our customers require the quality control provided by a Premier Tech Chronos packaging line. Exceeding customer expectations has separated us from our competition and will continue to be a differentiator for quite some time.”

LifeLine Foods has operated in the St. Joseph community since 2001. It is owned by more than 600 progressive farmer/owners spanning Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska and also by ICM, Inc., a leading ethanol engineering firm. This level of vertical integration has combined the talents of the farmer/owners and the ethanol engineering firm with a processing facility capable of producing high quality food ingredients.

“Our progressive owners are committed to investing in and maintaining a state of the art

facility that allows us to provide unmatched customer services and product offerings,” added Mr. Sobetski.

For more information about LifeLine Foods, LLC please go to www.LifeLine-Foods.com.