Mosaic Life Care Business Plaza Employees Move Downtown

More than 250 employees from Mosaic Life Care’s business plaza formerly located on the Belt Highway close to HyVee have moved downtown into the newly renovated German-American bank building.

The building was designed by the architect, Harvey Ellis, an employee of E.J. Eckel Architectural Company in 1889. The building was originally constructed as the German-American Bank, with the eagle shields of Germany and America on either side of the entrance.

Mosaic Life Care has completely renovated the building, keeping the historic charm but adding state of the art technology for its employees.

A new restaurant, Longboards, will be opening soon on the Seventh Street side of the building. A welcoming party for the new downtown employees hosted by several of the downtown businesses will be held in conjunction with the first “Sounds of Summer” concert featuring Soca Jukebox on July 7.

To accommodate employee parking, Mosaic Life Care has completely rebuilt the parking lots on the southeast corner of Seventh and Edmond streets and the northwest corner of Seventh and Edmond Streets. The lot at the southeast corner of Seventh and Edmond streets will be for employee parking only during the day, but the public will be allowed to park here after hours and on the weekends.

DaVita Clinic to Open in Former YWCA Aquatic Center

The former YWCA Aquatic Center at 802 Jules St. will re-open as a DaVita dialysis clinic. DaVita dialysis clinics provide a variety of kidney-care services, including dialysis at more than 2,300 outpatient centers across the country.

The YWCA built the approximately 10,000 square foot building in 1998 for an aquatics center. The center closed in 2012 due to a lack of revenue. The pool was removed in 2014. The building will undergo a more than $2 million in renovations before opening.

Wild Layne Boutique Opens

Downtown’s newest boutique, Wild Layne recently opened at 118 N. Seventh St. in the historic Kirkpatrick Building. The store features affordable clothing to fit all women, as well as jewelry, shoes and bags.

New Parking Garage/Retail Space Takes Shape

The City of St. Joseph and Mosaic Life Care have partnered to build a brand new retail complex/parking structure at Ninth and Felix streets. The new structure will have 300 parking spaces. Half of the spaces will be for Mosaic Life Care employees and the rest will be for public parking.

Plans are for three retail units in the ground floor of the structure. The city and Mosaic Life Care are looking for a grocery store to occupy the largest space in the retail portion of the building and the other two spaces will be available for rent as well. Completion of the project is scheduled for January 2018.

Sculpture Walk Sees New Additions Downtown

A new group of sculptures have been installed downtown. The sculpture walk began three years ago and has grown into a popular downtown activity.

A visual arts committee, created by the Allied Arts Council, originated the project to enhance the culture of the downtown area. Project expenses are covered by in-kind services and private funds generated through sponsorships and marketing investments. The committee selects a sculpture to purchase every year and add to our permanent collection.

This year the committee chose River Queen by artist Jim Collins as the piece to purchase. Another sculpture, White Buffalo Calf Woman by artists Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby, was purchased by an anonymous donor and donated to downtown. We encourage you to pick up the new sculpture walk brochure and take a stroll around downtown to see the new pieces and vote for your favorite.

Upcoming Events Downtown

Downtown is the fun place to be. Check out these events coming downtown this summer:

June 16 & 17 -- St. Joe Pride Festival

June 18 -- Imagine 11 concert—Funk Syndicate

June 23 & 24 -- Celtic Street Faire -- Chance the Arm Friday night; Rattle & Hum Saturday night

June 25 -- Imagine 11 concert – The Center State

July 2 -- Imagine 11 concert -- Liverpool

July 7 -- Sounds of Summer concert -- Soca Jukebox

July 9 -- Imagine 11 concert -- Star Jazz

July 14 -- Sounds of Summer concert -- Under the Influence

July 16 -- Imagine 11 concert -- Maria the Mexican

July 21 -- Sounds of Summer concert -- The Motors

July 23 -- Imagine 11 concert -- Ann and Terry Brock

July 28 -- Sounds of Summer concert -- Friends

July 30 -- Imagine 11 concert -- Multiphonics

Aug. 4 -- Sounds of Summer concert  -- Cherry Bomb

Aug. 5 -- Jeep’n Jamm’n for Brett

Aug. 6 -- Imagine 11 concert -- Atlantic Express

Aug. 11 -- Sounds of Summer concert  -- Bob Walkenhorst & Jeff Porter (Rainmakers)

Aug. 13 -- Imagine 11 concert -- Soca Jukebox

Aug. 21 -- Solar Eclipse Party

September 1, 2 & 3 – Joestock Festival

September 8 & 9 – Coleman Hawkins Blues Festival

September 15 – Rock the Park

September 22 & 23 – Bluegrass Battles Hunger