BC-Entries Remington Park

Remington Park Entries, Friday

By The Associated Press

1st—$15,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

My Favorite Class;124;Inseperable Blood;124
Nashville Cartel;124;Fallout;124
Just Like an Eagle;124;El Jefe the Boss;124
Way to Roll;124;Mach Won;124
B Boujee;124;Lethal Knight;124

2nd—$15,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Shott Gun;124;Tres Evidence;124
Fancy Creole Queen;124;Willie McBride;124
King Coronado;124;Ill Try;124
Coronados Chick;124;Jess Kiss Me;124
Beatem Blue;124;The Nazdaq;124

3rd—$15,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Glisten Up;124;Rogue Won;124
Shadi Lady;124;Candy Rush;124
Bobos Ride;124;Runaway Rosa;124
Contender;124;Daddys Got Da Edge;124
Cartels Dynasty;124;Teller Your Dreams;124

4th—$15,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Number Won;124;One Dreamin Eagle;124
A Sweet Capo;124;Mosaik;124
Coronados Lady;124;Jess Is the Boss;124
Dee Separator;124;Df Fabulous Jet;124
Truly Valiant;124

5th—$15,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

High Rate of Roi;124;Hr Princess Jess;124
Candy Crest;124;This Candy Rocks;124
Bayou a Cartel;124;Df Fabulous Boogie;124
Royal Tales Lbh;124;Streakin Hocks;124
Card One Starter;124;Real Hot Cartel;124

6th—$15,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Mag Da Lena;124;A Pollitical Gal;124
Fmm Rockstar;124;Providenz;124
Hope Shes Relentless;124;Lunas Glitteringstar;124
Valiant Ranger;124;Super Fly B;124
Vf Pillow Talk;124

7th—$15,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Best of You;124;Miss Ivory Cloud;124
Propellar;124;Bp First Mr Down;124
Spotty Politics;124;Charlenas Relentless;124
Bv Nobody Knows;124;O Donovan Rossa;124
Miz Loli;124;One Eagle Express;124

8th—$15,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Pollitical Cartel;124;Dynasty 727;124
Jess Rocket Man;124;Empressum;124
Honkitonk;124;Hez Secret Glory;124
Teller Ill Return;124;Bv Myheartwillgoon;124
Shouldabeenaredhead;124;Humphrey Pennyworth;124

9th—$15,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Apollitical Redflash;124;Lanies Star Dancer;124
One Incredible Hock;124;Lethal Destiny;124
Bp Primetime;124;Submarina;124
A Political Passion;124;Peves Jackpot Jack;124
Hesa Party Wagon;124

10th—$15,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Master Over Gone;124;Stolis Bro;124
Moonlite Ali;124;Political Cash V;124
Candys Power Wagon;124;Suntan Tales;124
Whistle Stop Cafe;124;Peves Tufa Nuf;124
Apollitical Bird;124

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