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By The Associated Press

Sports Editors and Sports Agate Page Editors:

The AP is preparing to migrate the next set of fixtures to our new processing system. The next set of sports agate that will move are fixtures for baseball. That change will take place July 15.

We will move test samples with test data daily through the system through Monday, July 22. The samples will move between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. EDT each weekday.

To receive the test files, you must be entitled to a special preview product and you must enable that product in your WebFeeds agent or add it to your direct calls. The preview product for NITF and ANPA table formats is available now. A separate preview product for our ANPA semicolon-delimited format is scheduled to be available as of Thursday, July 18.

Static samples for both NITF and ANPA formats as they would look after downloaded via WebFeeds can be found here: https://bit.ly/2KH6OT2


ANPA: We are continuing to fine-tune the ANPA table format to make it as close to the current format as possible while maintaining consistency. There will continue to be minor changes to this format until July 18, when we expect to finish this process.

NITF: We are fixing an issue with dropped data in the Webfeeds-delivered NITF. This fix is also expected on July 18.

These are the baseball fixtures that will transition on or about July 23, along with updates to various fixtures.

MLB Boxscore

MLB Expanded Boxscore

MLB American /National League Glance

MLB Expanded Glance

MLB How Runs Scored, All Games

MLB American /National League Team Statistics

MLB Expanded Leaders

MLB Expanded Pitching Comparison

MLB Expanded Weekly Batting Averages

MLB Expanded Weekly Pitching Averages

MLB Leaders

MLB Linescore

MLB Pitching Comparisons

MLB Team Batting

MLB Team Pitching

MLB Team-by-Team Individual Team Stats

MLB Top Ten

MLB Weekly Averages - Batting

MLB Weekly Averages - Pitching

Minor League Baseball Glance

MLB Wild Card Glance

MLB LDS /LCS /World Series Composite Boxscore World Baseball Classic Glance

MLB Boxscore, Spring Training

MLB Rosters

MLB Linescore - Spring Training

MLB Spring Training Glance

Olympic Baseball Boxscore

Tennis, Auto Racing and Soccer fixtures will be the next to migrate, but we do not yet have a confirmed date. We will notify you when we do have a firm date.

As a reminder, most golf fixtures were migrated to this new system June 10.

As noted earlier, in most cases, these changes will not require you to change your WebFeeds or Media API calls. There will be some changes to the metadata in the files that might affect routing of content in your internal systems, if you rely on it for that purpose.

We will be referring to three different types of formats for tabular agate:

" NITF for those who ingest an xml format;

" S-format for those who ingest ANPA and use agate tables delimited by spaces, with a category code of s.

" Z-format for those who ingest ANPA and use agate tables delimited by semi-colons, with a category code of z.

Some customers get sports story (i.e. non-agate) files from the same productid calls as their agate. These story files currently carry a category of z.

Changes for users of Z-format agate and Z-products can be found (Z Format Sports Agate Changes) here:


Changes for users of S-format agate and S-products can be found (S Format Sports Agate Changes) here: http://aphelp.ap.org/Content/SupportDocs/2019—AP—Product—and—Platform—Upgrades/S—Format—Sports—Agate—Changes.pdf

Changes for users of NITF can be found (NITF Sports Agate Changes) here: http://aphelp.ap.org/Content/SupportDocs/2019—AP—Product—and—Platform—Upgrades/NITF—Sports—Agate—Changes.pdf

Changes for all customers will be included in each of the above three format-specific documents. They can also be found separately (Sports Agate Changes All Formats) here: http://aphelp.ap.org/Content/SupportDocs/2019—AP—Product—and—Platform—Upgrades/Sports—Agate—Changes—All—Formats.pdf

In addition, the last remaining sports agate files will be removed from online products.

For resources and details of this migration, please visit our 2019 AP Product & Platform Upgrade documents on our Customer Support site, http://aphelp.ap.org/document/doclist/2019%20AP%20Product%20and%20Platform%20Upgrades . You will need your AP login to any AP platform (AP Newsroom, AP Images, etc.) to access this page.

AP Customer Support is available 24/7 to assist you. Please contact us at 877-836-9477 or https://aphelp.ap.org/home/contact

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