OnSite Marketing

These ads are available in leaderboard and medium rectangle sizes. Leaderboards are positioned at the top of the page and medium rectangles are placed next to the content on the right of the page.

Ads expand into an interactive video ad with a 30-second video. They are 15X more likely to be remembered than traditional online ads. Available in leaderboard and rectangle sizes, they off er the viewing performance of a TV spot, but take it a step further providing the buyer with a more engaging experience. Customizable buttons may be added inviting buyers to download coupons, request information, tweet your ad, share ad with a friend and click through to your social media. Interactive video billboards are available on desktop and mobile.

Pencil pushdowns expand from a small ad to a larger ad. Placed near the top of the News-Press NOW home page, this ad is a great way to share important messages with News-Press NOW readers. Perfect for special announcements, sales, anniversaries, reminders, celebrations, holiday events, customer appreciation and new employee welcomes.

Ads are placed before specifi c content that the buyer chooses to watch. Because your message is placed before the content, the buyer will fully view and focus on your ads. People understand pre-roll content. Think of them as 15-second online TV commercials. Take your television commercial beyond the television and position your business to take advantage of the power of online.

These ads take over both side rails of the News-Press Now homepage, along with a top leaderboard position and bottom leaderboard position. These ads are a great way for an advertiser to get high visibility, share important messages, celebrations, announcments, a big event, branding, call-to-action response, customer appreciation, etc. The advertiser gets this top spot for a full day on our News-Press Now homepage.