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The St. Joseph Mustangs faced a loss for their first of two games against the Jefferson City Renegades as the final score ended at 6-4 on Monday night in Jefferson City, Missouri.

The first inning was scoreless, but the Renegades quickly changed the tempo of the game by scoring in the next four innings.

The Mustangs went all the way to the sixth inning before making it on the board, scoring three runs in the inning, while the Renegades scored none.

The first score came from Drew Beazley taking the first hit at the top of the sixth, setting the play into motion.

Due to an error by the left fielder, Terrance Spurlin took advantage an advance to home, bringing the Mustangs onto the board. During the play, Beazley advanced to the third.

The next score came on a hit from Hampton Hudson, which sent Beazley to home base, bringing the score to 4-2 in favor of the Renegades. Hudson managed to score one last time before the inning came to an end.

The Mustangs then watched as the Renegades scored another run each of the next two innings.

At the top of the ninth, the Mustangs managed to sneak in one more run before the game ended.

Once the Mustangs hit the ninth, Karl Koerper advanced with a double, sending Jack Wagner home for the final score of 6-4.

The Mustangs finished with four runs on five hits and six errors.

The next game for the Mustangs will be against the Renegades again tonight.