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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Who is eligible for News-Press Rewards?
All Monday through Sunday print subscribers receiving the News-Press carrier-delivered to their home AND all digital subscribers.
2. What will I receive if I am an All-Access Rewards Member?
All-Access Rewards Members will receive Monday through Sunday carrier delivery of the print edition; unlimited access to, the eEdition (perfect for tablets) and the app; exclusive news content; discounts on other News-Press products, such as photo reprints and Classified ad specials; Members-only weekly emails with valuable coupons and offers for local retail establishments and events.
3. Do I have to be a Member or could I just have the newspaper delivered to my home?
You can opt out of the membership and receive just the print subscription, however you will not receive the unrestricted online access or the exclusive coupons and deals.
4. Will I still receive the unlimited free eEdition and web access if I opt out of the membership?
No. You must be a Member to receive unlimited free access to or the eEdition.
5. How will I receive the exclusive coupons and offers as a Member?
We must have your email address – call (816) 271-8600 to verify we have it.
6. Will I have to pay more to be a Member?
Yes, but only slightly. EZPay customers will pay only $19.99 to receive all access, including the coupons and offers ($20.99 for non-EZPay customers).
7. I live in Florida over the winter months, can I still access and the eEdition through my subscription?
Yes, you have two options. You can continue your membership and have us simply donate your print copies to local schools through our Newspaper in Education vacation donation plan. Or, you can temporarily convert your membership to our All Digital package for $13.99 per month (with EZPay) or our $11.95 per month for the eEdition.
8. Will I have to pay the new membership rate right away?
No, your new rate will not take effect until you receive your subscription renewal.
9. I pay my subscription through EZPay. When will my new subscription rate be drafted?
All subscribers will receive the first 30 days of membership free. The first draft from your account will take place Monday, December 16. That rate will be $19.99 per month.
10. Can I take advantage of the News-Press Rewards if I am a mail subscriber?
Yes. Your new rate will be $19.99 per month ($20.99 per month for non-EZPay subscribers), effective immediately.
11. What if I have additional questions?
Please call our customer service staff at (816) 271-8600 and we will be happy to assist you. Customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 6 a.m. to noon.
12. How do sign up for a News-Press Rewards membership or to get the offers?
Click the link at or call customer service at (816) 271-8600.
13. I am a Member but the website keeps telling me I can not view content, what do I do?
Click "Sign up" at the top of the screen and follow the prompts, using the same email address you gave us for your membership.
14. I have changed my email address and don't want to lose my Rewards. How can I update my information?
Please call our customer service staff at (816) 271-8600 and we would be happy to update your information.
15. I can't find my email with the offers in it, what can I do?
Log in to our Rewards Member area at You should also make sure that is set to never go to junk mail in your settings.
16. How do I use the coupons I receive in my email inbox?
You can either print the offer out and take it to our partner or show it on your mobile device.
17. I don't like to give out my email address, is there another way to get the offers?
We have chosen to communicate the offers by email because it provides you with instant access to them and also cuts down the cost that would be associated with postage. Rest assured that we have not, do not, and will never, sell your information to any third-party. Your information is safe with us!
18. What if I am still having technical problems with the website or email?
Please contact our customer service at (816) 271-8600.
Advertiser partner
19. For how long does an advertiser have to participate?
There is no long-term commitment; it can be as little as a one-time offer on up to one offer per week.
20. How long will the offer need to be in effect?
We would like for each offer to be valid for one to two weeks, however we can work with you depending upon the type of offer.
21. What does the value of the offer need to be?
Since the offer is part of the rewards program to our Members, it needs to have a significant discount or be a buy-one-get-one offer. Most importantly, the offer should be unique to News-Press Rewards and not commonly available. We will work with you to make sure the offer is one that adds value for our members as well as drive additional customers or exposure for your business.
22. As an advertiser providing an offer, what benefit will I receive?
Your offer will be sent out as a part of our weekly News-Press Rewards email to currently more than 10,000 email addresses. That number will continue to grow. Your logo information will be on the offer, allowing your business to be branded as a part of this new and growing campaign.
23. How much does it cost my business to participate?
News-Press Rewards is free for current contracted advertisers in good standing to participate. Your business simply needs to supply a unique and valuable offer (pending News-Press approval). There is an agreement that both parties sign so that we know both the longevity that the business wishes to participate as well as the offers from the business.
24. Can I proof my offer going out on the email, before it is sent to Members?
Yes, if it is a new offer that needs a proof and we receive it 7 days prior to the email going out, we will be able to send you a copy to approve.
25. Can I pick a specific date for the offer to go out?
All News-Press Rewards email offers will go out every Tuesday. We will try to meet any requests as close to that Tuesday email date as possible, but will not guarantee a specific date.
26. Can I be the exclusive offer on a weekly email?
Since we will be trying to add as much value as possible to these emails for our Members, we will likely have multiple offers every week.
27. Can you refuse the coupon or offer I want to run?
Yes, all coupons and offers must be approved at the discretion of News-Press management. As we are trying to get the best and most unique values for our Members, we may occasionally turn down an initial idea. However, because we want your business to be a part of this, we will work with you to come up with a mutually-agreeable item to include when we can.
28. Who is my contact if I would like to provide an offer?
Please contact your News-Press Advertising Consultant or call (816) 271-8636.

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