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We can’t afford to be

stupid about health care

Those who so glibly advocate Medicare for all, or Medicaid for all, or universal health care (actually socialized Medicare), need to answer a few questions as to how this government program would actually work.

1. As Medicare is a part of Social Security and is the insurance for those of us who have worked and paid into this program, will it continue as it is currently set up or will those of us on Social Security just have the new socialized medicine insurance with no monthly premium taken out of our Social Security check? Or will both Medicare and Social Security be discontinued?

2. If Social Security/Medicare is discontinued and all citizens have coverage without any copay, will coverage remain the same or will coverage drop to a no frills, fewer diagnostic tests, fewer referrals to specialists, fewer patients qualifying for innovative treatment? Will prescriptions be covered? What about dental and eye coverage?

3. If universal health care coverage is so low as to cover only basic health needs, will Americans be allowed to purchase supplemental insurance, or would the plan require that all citizens have the same coverage?

4. Under universal health care would private health care be illegal?

5. Under universal health care would health care providers be allowed to treat people without this health care, or would coverage happen automatically upon treatment? What about emergency room treatment?

The question of the cost of universal health care can be debated beyond eternity. The only certainty is that those who work, and have earned income will pay the cost through taxes. There is no genie with a lamp and three wishes, or a hundred wishes, that will make the costs go away in a puff of smoke.

Carol Cornelius

Easton, Missouri

Here’s where we could

send all the immigrants

Why not just open the door to the treasury while we’re at it. With the brilliance on the part of certain cities, we now have sanctuary cities in the USA, where illegal immigrants are protected while the law-abiding residents are left to fend for themselves.

These cities do not permit municipal funds or resources to be applied for enforcement of federal immigration laws. These 160-plus cities in 24 states do not permit police or municipal employees to inquire about their immigration status, I call that a free pass. Sanctuary Cities has no legal meaning.

Under the principle of Separation of Powers, which vests exclusive power to Congress to impose conditions on federal grants, the Executive Branch may not refuse to disperse your tax dollars without congressional authorization. President Donald Trump is trying to not use your tax dollars to pay this bill!

Former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama as well as Congress apparently didn’t have any idea of just how many illegals were in our country.

Do a search and you’ll find anywhere from 11.2 million to 22 million in this country. We can’t even agree on the numbers being spent, ranging anywhere from $66 billion to $100-plus billion a year to take care of them!

My suggestion on what we do with them is send busloads to those 160 cities and give them each of them around 70,000 each, on their dime. Then send about 100 each to those political millionaires in D.C. with walls around their homes and private security, again on their dime.

Any bets on how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the rest will lead by example and take them in?

Ben Pecora

St. Joseph