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Removing I-229 bridge

would be the best option

I hope that all citizens in our area will take the time to view the 19 different proposals for the future of Interstate 229 on the west side of town. ( Determining the best solution to address the problems with the current double-deck bridge has far-reaching implications for the city, particularly for envisioning the future of the west side and especially the riverfront area.

A great deal of progress has been made in the past two years in the revitalization of the Downtown area. I believe the key to taking the Downtown area to the next level centers on imaginative development of the riverfront. In every city I’ve visited blessed with a river in proximity to its one of its business districts, a developed riverfront ends up being one of the greatest assets for the city.

For that reason, I especially like the two proposals that remove the double-deck bridge and relocate the interstate to the Kansas side. These completely open the riverfront to visionary redevelopment with no obstacles impeding progress. Building a new bridge to Kansas farther north provides better access for the airport and for the industrial areas near it.

Citizens have the opportunity to view and consider each proposal and offer an opinion on the merits of each. Those concerned with our city’s future should visit the website and weigh in while the opportunity to do so still exists.

Timothy Murphy, M.D.

St. Joseph

Coach Dudik

‘walked’the walk’

I wanted to share what a stand-up guy Coach Tony Dudik is.

Coach Dudik was the head football coach and wrestling coach when my second-oldest brother (Jason McCracken) was at Central High School, he coached football for my older brother (Shaun Dupree) during his years there in the early 2000s, and was the head football and weight-training coach during my tenure in the mid 2000s.

Our mother passed away this week, and even though it has been many years since we walked the halls of CHS, Coach Dudik was there at the visitation. There are a lot of people who “talk the talk,” but not many who “walk the walk.” Coach Dudik is a man who walks the walk.

Coach, thanks for teaching us and many other CHS alumni about living life with passion and drive.

Casey Dupree and the Dupree

and McCracken family

St. Joseph