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States are on to

abortion providers

Conservative America has had it with the abortion bunch.

For more than 46 years, abortionists in their zeal to get as many abortions performed as humanly possible have paid little to no attention to the rules/laws.

They operate out of squalors with no thought to cleanliness. One poor fellow in Texas performed his out of his automobile. They avoid or pay no attention to the law requiring them to have admitting privileges to a hospital within a certain distance from their clinic. Soft judges have for the most part turned a blind eye to this behavior.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, before he retired, gave the assenting opinion on a Texas law before the U.S. Supreme Court that these restrictions were “making it too hard for a woman to have an abortion.” How about that for an oxymoron … cart before the horse, if you ask me.

Make no mistake about it, there are reasons for this requirement. Some mothers do not make it through the procedure because of those safeguard violations. The irony of it all is Planned Parenthood claims that they are all about women’s health. When pigs fly!

States are on to them and are putting pressure on these activities. Whether religion is the driving force behind all this activity is open for conjecture. I prefer to believe that the whole matter has gotten out of hand.

Missouri is the latest state to pass a bill banning abortion and it has garnered a lot of interest. FOX News reports that there were more illegal immigrants who came to America last year than there were babies born in the U.S. The reason for interest there is obvious. American sovereignty is at risk, which has some in Washington D.C., concerned.

Dick Jordan

St. Joseph

Prisoners can cheer,

comfort other prisoners

Isaiah Chapter 53, verses 2-4: He prophesied the coming of Jesus: “There was not stately bearing to make us look at him. He was spurned and avoided by men, a man of suffering, accustomed to infirmity, one of those from who men hide their faces, spurned, and we held him no esteem.”

In short, Isaiah predict that the person of Jesus is ugly. As Savior though, his teachings are beautiful. For instance “Whatever you do to the least of the others, you do it to me.”

As a prisoner himself, Jesus had a deep sympathy for prisoners.

In my brief, wonderful volunteer work as a prison chaplain, I mostly exchanged words (few) and I would attempt to make up a prayer that would comfort these men.

Often I would end with explaining that since they were prisoners they had ample opportunity to cheer and comfort other prisoners. In a very real way, I told them we are doing good to the least of men and in doing so, we are encountering Jesus.

The men were two to a locked room. There was only a small window that I could see into. When finished, rarely an inmate would place his hand over this window, almost completely covering it. I, in turn, would place my hand over my side of the window — only glass between our hands — a sad and profoundly uplifting moment.

Don Beaulieu

St. Joseph