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Missouri legislative session

was a waste of time, money

The News-Press recently published a couple of articles interviewing our local politicians about the success of the last legislative session. Surprisingly, I couldn’t see it any more differently.

It may have been a productive session for the few who have bought their voice in Jefferson City, but for most Missourians it was a total failure and a waste of taxpayer money.

Missouri voters spoke overwhelmingly on right-to-Work, minimum wage and Clean Missouri. It’s shameful the time and money wasted by the legislature on these issues trying to overturn what the voters spoke loudly on. Then when they did not like what the voters said, they try to change the way the voters spoke by changing the process.

The last session is a perfect example why we need Clean Missouri and get the bought-and-paid-for personal agenda out of politics so the elected officials can represent the people they were elected to and not the people who can donate the most money to their re-election campaign.

It’s disgusting to hear their reasoning for robbing us of our right to have our voice heard. Looks like the only way to have our voice heard is at the ballot box next election.

Just imagine the things they could have done if their concerns were about their districts, things like flooding, the drug problem, education, roads and bridges, crime, etc.

Mike Veale

President, Northwest Missouri Central Labor Council

St. Joseph