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If you need a crosswalk,

you also need a sidewalk

I read the article in the June 5 St. Joseph News-Press, “Students must walk on streets, not sidewalks.”

Well, when I lived in Kansas for 38 years, I was struck by a car on a road, which broke my leg and gave me internal injuries as well, by a driver who was gawking and talking to his wife while driving.

While the scenario is a bit different, the principle remains the same. Sidewalks save lives. In the News-Press article it noted a crosswalk, but no sidewalks. This is a danger waiting to happen by forcing students to walk on a busy road.

Under perfect conditions, it sounds innocent enough. However, I am one of those who is living proof that cars hitting pedestrians can shatter the pedestrian’s life forever. I truly think if enough students warrant a crosswalk, it also warrants a sidewalk at both ends — for safety’s sake.

James A. Marples

Longview Texas

(former Kansan)

Union members can use

their money better

One billion dollars is what unions have donated to left-leaning organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the Clinton Foundation since 2010.

Mike Veale (June 5 “Your letters”) talks about “bought-and-paid-for personal agendas.” If unions have so much money ... lower the workingman’s dues. Members might be able to use their hard earned money better than union bosses.

John Byrne

St. Joseph

Laws against abortion

do not stop procedure

Is abortion murder? Yes.

Is abortion immoral? Yes.

Is abortion less of a desirable or moral method of birth control? Yes.

Is abortion a solution for a female becoming impregnated as a result of rape or incest? Most definitely yes!

I am, as well, as the vast majority of our religious nation (Christian, Jewish, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist or whatever) opposed to abortion. For most of us, only cases of rape or of incest are the exception. However, what happens to the unwanted child? Is he or she destined for a life of abuse, abandonment or worse? What if the child is born addicted to alcohol or to narcotics? What if the child has an incurable, life-threatening birth defect? What if the child is to know nothing but being disabled physically or mentally for its lifespan?

Are you willing to adopt such a child at birth? For a vast majority of us, the answer would be a definite “no” or at the best very doubtful. With only the exception of a very, very few minute circumstances or situations the answer may be “yes.”

Past history is an undisputed educator. Throughout the ages, history has proven, laws against abortion have little to no effect on the number of abortions performed. Legalized abortion only assures that the vast majority of these procedures are performed by trained, licensed professionals who operate using sterile methods in sterile surroundings. These professionals have immediate access to hospitals in the unlikely event of a threat to a women’s life.

Pray tell us, what strange power makes our elected officials believe that making abortions illegal will categorically reduce the overall number of abortions?

Don H. Roach

St. Joseph