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The public deserves to know more about extraterrestrials

Congratulations to Ken Newton for his fascinating column (June 2 News-Press) concerning UFOs.

About two years ago, I was watching the CBS news program “60 Minutes.” Robert Bigelow, the founder and president of Bigelow Space Industries, was being interviewed by Laura Croft.

Bigelow and Elon Musk have headed up agencies that have employed some of the finest minds in the aerospace industry. Most people don’t realize that our NASA space agency is under the control of our Air Force/military. NASA is not a civilian operation. Surprisingly, much of what was once classified “Top Secret” is now subject to disclosure through the Freedom of Information Act.

Wisely, our military has transferred much of its top secret programs to Bigelow, Musk and others. Private technology and research is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

Bigelow admitted on “60 Minutes” that extraterrestrials really do exist and they have been visiting and studying humanity for a long, long time. These UFOs are either E.T.s or it is possible they are our own “Above Top Secret” aircraft. Yes, the general public needs to know more. We deserve to know more.

John R. Hoffman

St. Joseph

There is only one

question about abortion

Let’s start with what “I think” we still agree on. The only acceptable justification for killing another human being is to prevent the death of another. If that remains one of the principles we want to build our society on, then there is really only one question of significance: When does the unborn child inside a woman become a human being?

Shouldn’t a woman have the right to control her body? Yes, she should. Isn’t it a terrible thing that a woman would have to carry a child for nine months after rape or incest? Yes, it is. Isn’t it terrible that a child would be born with fetal-alcohol syndrome because the mother was an alcoholic? Certainly. Does any of those terrible situations justify murder? No they do not!

We created the term “fetus” because it makes it easier not to think of him/her as a human. The only real question around abortion is when does the matter in a woman’s womb become human life. The rest of it is fear-mongering and shaming specifically designed to prevent rational debate.

Wes Long

St. Joseph