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A new plan

I read the article on the Corps of Engineers and the meeting in Iowa. It is just mind-boggling to me that they keep making excuses for why everything floods. That the water came from below the dams and blah, blah, blah. They knew all that water was below the dam, but yet they opened up the Gavins Point Dam to flow 100,000 cubic feet per second. They need to redo their plan.

On the edge

I joined the Navy in 1972. I got out in 1976. I decided that I will join the American Legion, so they sent me a knife that says I was in the Navy. The knife was made in China out of steel from Japan. What is coming to the world today?


I was disturbed when I saw the editorial cartoon of the “First-ever photo of a black hole revealed,” which had the outline of President Donald Trump around it. I just think it’s so disrespectful. I don’t care if you like Trump of if you don’t, there’s no reason to disrespect the office of the president.

Report fallout

Rep. Sam Graves and Sen. Roy Blunt say that Trump was vindicated. Come on, guys, you have got to quit fantasizing.

Honor results

Why even have an election if the results are not honored by the loser? Democratic action to impeach the president is revolting against the constitutional law that elected him. Obstruction of justice is a big Democrat problem in this country.

God bless Trump

The Associated Press is certainly doing their best to redeem the media in their claims against Trump. Their present statement “he tried to choke” (not stop) “the probe” is an example. If he had been able to stop this probe and ridiculous procedure connected with it, it would have saved upward of $50 million that was just wasted. Many of us feel that Trump is by far the hardest-working president we have had, mostly working alone, being able to do many things because he owes nothing to the powers trying to stay in control. God bless him.

Honor results

Why even have an election if the results are not honored by the loser? Democratic action to impeach the president is revolting against the constitutional law that elected him. Obstruction of justice is a big Democrat problem in this country.

Grab a broom

President Trump called the investigation a witch hunt. Well, if I was the wicked witch of the White House, which he is, I would get on my broom and fly as far and as fast as I could right now.

Be careful

After two years, tens of millions of dollars, 19 lawyers, 40 FBI agents and countless others, President Trump has been vindicated. However, the Democrats are after blood. They had better be careful. I hope the attorney general goes back to those responsible for how this ridiculous investigation began. It could go all the way to former President Barack Obama.


Republican cronies and Trump cronies who keep saying that the president can do whatever he wants — that is not who we want in office. Whether it’s Republican or Democrat, we don’t want a president who can do whatever he wants. We want checks and balances so our government runs correctly. We don’t want some president that can do whatever he wants.

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Donald Trump has never, ever gotten angry at Russia for interfering with our election. He gets angry all the time at the Americans who investigated the interference. But he's never, ever gotten angry at the Russians.

Pretty telling, huh?

James Bond1

The leftist socialists really miss Easter...………….it must have been a spoiled egg that was their first accomplishment this morning. ugh...……...poop poop It is a beautiful day...………..the sun is shinning.


Not since Terrance & Phillip have the Canadians disrespected the US so severely. The disrespectful catcalls and jeers during the national anthem in Toronto today are a direct response to your crude leader. So sad.


So sad is right. The liberals disrespectful to our real President. When you disrespect the elected President you disrespect America.


What is it when the elected President disrespects Americans?

Art Vandelay

I believe lumberjack was speaking of inebriated Canadians, not specifically "liberals".

Comment deleted.

Munchkin2---don't be so hard on yourself! Today is a day of joy.


Be careful---The Attorney General and the DOJ have already began an investigation into the "witch hunt" in which they already knew there was no collusion--they were hoping to find something out---the infamous "dossier" was false and the Democrats knew it. The Mueller thing is not over, and the targets are on the other side of the political spectrum. It should be interesting.


All that really matters is that Christ died for us and our salvation. It is never too late to believe. Remember the "good thief" named Dismas? Only a short while before his death, he has Christ to remember him when He came into His kingdom. Jesus replied, "this day you will be with me in Paradise"!


Interesting theology.


There was no punctuation in the Bible texts. They were added later by men.

Many scholars believe it was, "I say unto you this day (comma) you will be with me in Paradise." Because Jesus later told his apostles, "Detain me not, for I have not yet ascended to my Father"

I know, the important thing is he died for our sins & rose as prophesied. But the context of his words to the thief on the cross is actually very important as well, because people use it to claim you go straight to your destination upon Death.


Wakeupus, you do go straight to your destination upon your death. After you die you will be in heaven or h ell. At the rapture the dead in christ will rise first and the christians will meet them in the sky. That's when we get our new bodies.


False interpretation.


The 'Parable of Lazarus' was a parable. You don't go to 'Abraham's Bosom'.


The dead in Hades don't scream out to their loved ones in Heaven, begging for water. that wouldn't be heaven at all.

"The living know that they will die. But the Dead know not anything."

"That day their very thoughts shall perish"

"But the rest of the dead lived not again until the Thousand Years were finished. This is the Second Resurrection"

How do you reconcile these Bible passages, jdw? Better ask your Pastor today...


I had a box once. I made it from 5 square pieces of wood & some nails. Later, I didn't need the box anymore, so I pulled the nails & stacked the wood in a stack.

What happened to the box? It ceased to exist. The components were still there, but the box no longer is.

The Bible says god breathed in the Breath of Life (pneumos) into Adam's body (made from the dust of the Earth) and he BECAME a living soul. The breath wasn't the soul. The being made of two components became a living soul.

The Bible says the Breath of Life goes back to God who gave it, and the Body returns to dust. We cease to exist & know nothing. It says God 'knew us before we were born'. So he still knows us & will restore us in new bodies at the resurrection.

Martha told Jesus, "I know that he (Lazarus her brother- not the parable Lazarus) will rise again at the resurrection at the LAST Day..." Many other Bible passages place the resurrection at the last day of Earth's history.

On that day, the Bible says the wicked shall be slain by the brightness of his coming, the dead in Christ shall rise, & those that remain will be caught up in the air with the Saints to rule in Heaven with Jesus for a Thousand Years (in glorified bodies).

The dead of all ages stay dead in a destroyed world (abyussos) & are resurrected at the second resurrection (of the lost) at the end of the Thousand years. "But the rest of the dead lived not for a Thousand years". Then comes the (carrying out of the) Judgment. New Jerusalem descends, the raised wicked attack & are destroyed by God (His 'strange act), & Death and Sin are no more, Lucifer & his angels & all who clung to Sin are destroyed in a Lake of Fire. Earth is re-created in an Edenic paradise for the Eternal ages.

The only two 'special' resurrections the Bible speaks of (besides Jesus) are Moses & Elijah, (the two witnesses). One who died and was resurrected, & one who was glorified without seeing death, representing the two classes of the redeemed.


Soul sleep theology?


I don't have time tonight to discuss this in length. But I want to. But one question after you die what happens? Are you saying the body just lays in the grave ? How long will it lay there? May I ask which Bible you read. I only read the KJV nothing else. I just got home from church and have family visiting. So let's discuss this another day.


'the wicked dead of all ages'


Seventh Day Adventist?

Art Vandelay

Wow, jdw. Have you completely abandoned science? Bodies rot and turn to dirt, dust whatever you want to call it.


Zombie savior day! Look for the eggs.


YOU'RE the zombie.


Grab a broom---Have a safe flight!


Christ is risen! Alleluia!

Comment deleted.

Gee you're a "man" of few words today? Must have hit pretty close to home eh?


If you only attend church a few times each year today should be one of them. He died on the cross, Then on the third day he arose. He conquered death so we might live. Today would be a great day to except him as your personal Savior. Then you can remove the word might live To you will live. It's Church time




Jesus has risen.... Happy Easter...


He has risen, indeed! Happy Easter

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

I believe "Whatever" is referring to the US Constitution; something the Donald knows about little.Your president is a crook who preys on girls. That same Constitution bans "cruel and unusual punishment", but in the Donald's case, I think something drawn out and painful is in order.

Citizen Krane

Wait, now who is it that is disrespecting the office of the president? Its pretty amazing how Trump followers are just about worse, if not more,than he is about the ability of introspection. Ha ha, I didn't know we were electing a sovereign in the United States! Must not be familiar with John Locke, whom the founding fathers would most definitely have been familiar with, especially Jefferson. People, probably around forty three percent, want to use the word "Constitutional" as some magic word to give them legitimacy, as if they understand the document that they profess to know something about. " I said Constitwosional thewphore, IT TWOO!"


You're probably more closely aligned politically with Karl Marx than John Locke, Comrade Krane... [whistling]


President Trump lives rent free in Leftists heads. They’re obsessed with him. Or suffering from Mueller/Barr Denial Syndrome. The Press has never been on the President's side, so that's NO surprise. But to Leftist Democrats, it's not about discovering the Truth. It's about SETTING A TRAP. The Clintons were criminals allowed to skate by D.C. crooks, while President Trump is an innocent man who escaped the wrath of the same D.C. crooks. BIG difference. It's about Leftists using LIES to illegally seize power where they couldn't get elected even with the lying media & lying establishment on their side. Leftists are visibly & obstinately 'Grasping At Straws' in their hatred of President Trump, and have thus become mind-washed 'Echo-Chamber' minions for the Leftist Establishment. Leftist Democrats believe you are Guilty until proven innocent... Then you are STILL guilty after being proven innocent, if you are an opponent of the Leftist agenda... Leftist Democrat Socialists CANNOT handle the DEFEAT President Trump handed their demagogue, Sick hiLIARy.

Leftist Democrat Socialists CANNOT handle the reality that their CONSPIRACY to 'frame' a U.S. President failed to work out & that many of them are soon headed for a PRISON CELL for TREASON. [huh]

Comment deleted.

'The Democrat 2020 Election Platform'

Tear Down the U.S. Security Border Wall
Kill Babies at the Time of Birth
Let Illegal Aliens Vote & Get Welfare
Teach Children They're Probably Gaye & Don't Know It Yet
Erase Memories of Democrat Racism in America
Eliminate the Electoral College
Bring Back NAFTA & the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreements
You Must Pay HIGH Taxes For Imaginary, unproven, 'man-made' Climate Change
God Doesn't Care How You Live Your Life
Identity-Politics/Racial/Gender/Class/Religious Division is GOOD
People Who NEVER Owned Slaves Must Pay 'Reparations' to People Who Never WERE Slaves.
Guns Are Evil, Not the People Who Murder
Free Speech is GOOD As Long As You Say What WE Want
Opponents Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent
We Hate Donald Trump
hiLIARy is our Demagogue
Let the 16 Year-Olds Vote For Us
If Elected We'll Give You Free Stuff

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