Susan Montee is our choice for Missouri lieutenant governor.

We find it refreshing an office often overshadowed by others has attracted a candidate as capable as Ms. Montee. The former St. Joseph resident is both a lawyer and a certified public accountant. She was Buchanan County auditor from 2000 to 2006 and state auditor from 2007 to 2011.

As a former state officeholder, Ms. Montee understands the ways of Jefferson City. Her audits of state and local government spending were done with professionalism and fairness. She has the breadth of knowledge needed if called upon to stand in for the governor.

If elected, Ms. Montee pledges to do things differently than incumbent Peter Kinder. She says she will use the position less as a bully pulpit to talk about federal policies and will focus instead on ways to get more state resources for senior citizens and returning military veterans.

Ms. Montee is a Democrat and Mr. Kinder is a Republican. Also on the ballot are Libertarian Matthew Copple and Constitution Party candidate Cynthia L. Davis.

Shane Schoeller is our recommendation for Missouri secretary of state.

The three-term Missouri House member from Willard favors stricter identification requirements at the polls, a position that is unfairly characterized as extremely partisan. He also proposes a new commission that would consider complaints about the fairness and accuracy of ballot summaries for initiatives presented to voters.

Mr. Schoeller is a Republican. His opponents include Democrat Jason Kander, Libertarian Cisse W. Spragins and Constitution Party candidate Justin Harter.

Cole McNary receives our endorsement for Missouri state treasurer.

The two-term Missouri House member from Chesterfield has a laudable interest in pension issues. He notes pension liabilities have crippled other states and required some cities to file for bankruptcy. If elected, he would task a panel of “the best minds” to look at Missouri’s underfunded pension systems and recommend action steps to head off future problems.

Mr. McNary is a Republican. His opponents include incumbent Democrat Clint Zweifel and Libertarian Sean O’Toole.

Chris Koster has our recommendation for a second term as Missouri attorney general.

Both leading candidates in this race have had brushes with controversies in the past, but Mr. Koster’s administration of his official duties as attorney general has advanced the state’s interests.

As a former prosecutor, he can be counted on to support county prosecutors when they need assistance with capital murder cases. He also has been aggressive in pursuing consumer fraud and has increased resources focused on Sunshine Law violations and education.

Mr. Koster is a Democrat. His opponents include Republican Ed Martin and Libertarian Dave Browning.

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