On a foundation dating back hundreds of years, Benedictine College is building a strong future for education in the region.

The Atchison, Kan., Catholic college has achieved impressive success this fall. Enrollment is at an all-time high with 1,716 students. In addition, the freshman class of 488 is the largest ever in Benedictine’s history.

These results do not come by accident. In the past decade, Benedictine has committed to improving and growing. The results have paid off, with enrollment increasing more than 100 percent since the year 2000.

Recently, the college dedicated the new Ferrell Academic Center. The four-story, 56,000-square-foot building is the first on a Kansas college campus to be LEED certified for green technology. It’s also the first new academic building on the Atchison campus since 1960.

The Ferrell Center houses the signature School of Business and the Education Department, as well as the Theology and Philosophy Departments.

At the dedication ceremony, Benedictine President Stephen Minnis noted that the college’s tradition dates back to St. Benedictine, who established the groundwork for the modern Catholic education system in the year 529.

The value of higher education has perhaps never been clearer than today, when those with degrees consistently find better job prospects than those without.

Benedictine offers an excellent option for those who choose to pursue education at a private institution in the region. New investment and a surging enrollment point to a bright future ahead for the college, its graduates, and current and future students.

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Steve Minnis has done a great job as Benedictine's president. He's from St. Joseph, a 1978 graduate of Bishop LeBlond and then of Benedictine.

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