This is to all of the hunters who kill animals for food. Shame on you. You ought to just go to the store and buy meat that was made there where no animals were harmed. Get with it.


Well I see where the president wants to freeze wages for federal employees but it won’t include elected officials and their staffs. Why not? And when they talk about lowering Social Security payments and Medicare benefits, why don’t they mention cutting pensions and benefits for all those millionaire retired lawmakers and presidents and judges? That is where they will save millions of dollars, not unemployment benefits.

Editor’s note:

By federal law, pay for members of Congress increases automatically each year unless the House and Senate take action to vote down the raises. In April, the Senate voted unanimously to forego a pay raise for fiscal year 2011, and the House passed the measure 402 to 15. While the Obama dictate freezes federal employees’ pay for two years, congressional members will have to act again in 2011 to decline their next scheduled raise.

Horse sense

I am happy that the experts say that there will be less snow this winter than last year. However I have to question if the people who gave these answers are really “experts.” To me, the experts would be the old-timers who have watched the seasons for years or someone such as the brother up at Conception who passed away a year or two ago who kept records for the past 50 or 60 years. These are the experts. The rest of us just guess.

Editor’s note:

We talked to people with degrees in meteorology.

Big squeeze

I am so sick and tired of those big fat cats in Washington wanting to cut Social Security, wanting to cut Medicare, wanting to raise the gas tax. What is wrong with this country that people aren’t even allowed to have the simple things of life? Because we have people in Washington who don’t want to take a cut in their pay. They don’t want to do anything. They want to squeeze the little guy. It’s about time to clean Washington out from the top down.

Tone deaf

I’m guessing that it’s obvious that our politicians are listening to the people while they lament over raising the retirement age and cutting benefits. They vote against banning pork. So it’s obvious that they don’t care about fixing the problems. They still want to pad their pockets and buy votes from their constituents while making the people who rely on Social Security pay the price for their arrogance and misplaced trust.

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