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St. Joseph Police department recognizes Matt Biggs as a nominee for Respect for the Law award ceremony. There were three other officers nominated from law enforcement units.

The four Optimist Clubs — East Hills, Evening, Sunrise and St. Joseph Inc. — hosted their sixth annual Respect for the Law award ceremony honoring an officer from the four major law enforcement units in St. Joseph.

The ceremony took place Thursday evening at the Remington Nature Center in St. Joseph.

The four nominees came from the St. Joseph Police Department, Buchanan County Sheriffs Office, Missouri Highway Patrol and the Missouri Western State University Police Department.

The award ceremony followed a dinner with a speech by the keynote speaker, Mayor Bill McMurray who presented a proclamation to the group.

Harold Stewart is a member of the East Hills Optimist Club and has helped organize the award ceremony for the last five years.

“As a longtime citizen of St. Joseph and at one time being a part of the Police Department, I think it’s important to recognize the people that protect and help this community,” Stewart said. “It’s an honor to do this for people that put their lives in harms way.”

The officers nominated were Jeffrey Maudlin from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Matt Biggs from the St. Joseph Police Department, Dennis Yager from Buchanan County Sheriffs Office and Ryan Addington from Missouri Western State University Police Department.

“I believe these people are nominated because they have done an outstanding job from the end of last year and throughout the year of 2019,” Stewart said. “Their supervisors believe to receive the award because they’ve done an outstanding job of service and protection of the community.”

The award ceremony will continue to take place every year to honor those that protect the community of St. Joseph.

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