As the St. Joseph Parks and Recreation Department juggles maintenance issues at Krug Pool and the Aquatic Center, water recreation spots in nearby towns are seeing an increase in visitors.

In Wathena, Kansas, the local pool saw more than 250 visitors last Saturday, the day prior to when the Aquatic Park in St. Joseph opened its doors with park-goers still unable to use the large pool.

“It was the first hot day, we were around 90 degrees,” said Tim Orth, the pool’s manager. “And 258, that’s a really high number for us. We’ll get over 200 a couple of days a year. We had to go four guards, which is something we very rarely do.”

According to Orth, the pool hired on a few more lifeguards prior to the pool season beginning to deal with an increase in visitors. The increase was expected in part because of issues St. Joseph pools saw last year and the closure of Troy, Kansas’ pool.

“I think we’ve seen a little bit of increase,” Orth said. “I went back in and looked at our numbers, and it seems compared to last year, we’re up maybe eight to 10 people a day on average.”

Orth said while it can be busier at the pool, staff have not experienced any issues with maintaining the property.

“We really having seen that much of a difference,” Orth said. “Maybe trashcans a little more full, but other than that upkeep has not changed.”

The pool manager said he is happy to have a small spike in business and hopes visitors from out of town are enjoying the pool.

“We’re proud of our pool, and a lot of people seem to enjoy it from in town and out of town. We’re really pleased with our little pool here.”

News-Press NOW, reached out the Savannah Aquatic Center for comment, but did not receive any word back.

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