Self-serving kiosks are being installed at more St. Joseph McDonald’s locations. The technology was unveiled two years ago at the ‘McDonald’s of the future’ on the North Belt Highway.

Aspects of the McDonald’s of the future have come to other locations in St. Joseph.

Self-ordering kiosks are being added to the fast-food restaurant at Interstate 29 and South U.S. Highway 169 next week and at 601 N. Belt Highway, near East Hills Shopping Center, in December. The McDonald’s on Riverside Road had them installed in May after a remodel to the eatery and the Speedy’s Convenience Store.

“The response to kiosks has been very well received,” said Chris Habiger, owner of the local McDonald’s restaurants. “Kiosks provide yet another option for our customers when ordering. They now have the option of ordering using the McDonald’s app, having food delivered using Uber Eats or using our traditional lobby or drive-thru options.”

Chris and Karri Habiger, of Habiger West, own the six McDonald’s locations in St. Joseph and the one in Mound City, Missouri.

The Habigers opened the “McDonald’s of the future” at 3504 N. Belt Highway in August 2016, unveiling unlimited fries, a modern interior, a new playground and self-ordering kiosks to make customized sandwiches.

At the time, Chris Habiger told the News-Press that a lot had changed for McDonald’s in the last 40 years in St. Joseph. As customers connect with smart devices and social media, food choices, too, have evolved.

The plan is to focus on casual dining and quick service by incorporating larger-than-life kiosks to take customized orders.

Habiger said the kiosks have no impact on the number of people the St. Joseph McDonald’s restaurants employ. In fact, he said the local franchise currently is hiring.

Instead, the kiosks will enhance customer service by allowing people to personalize their burger or chicken sandwich orders.

The self-ordering system allows customers to select from hundreds of different choices for building their own sandwiches, from the type of bread and meat to toppings and condiments.

The roll out of the kiosks is part of a larger plan as McDonald’s restaurants all over the United States eventually will have them.

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