Alexzander Scott Green

The man accused of leaving a loaded firearm unattended with fatal consequences wants out of jail Friday without having to post any money.

Alexzander Scott Green, 21, stands charged with two felony counts of first degree endangering the welfare of a child. He’s accused of endangering a child by sleeping while his 2-year-old niece was in the apartment where he’d left a loaded firearm. The second charge accuses Green of endangerment by having 475 grams of marijuana in four large bags, along with scales, plastic bags and $3,763 cash in the apartment.

When police arrived on the scene, Green was holding the limp body of London Simmons, who had a gunshot wound in her chest, stated Doug Loehner, a St. Joseph Police Department detective.

Associate Circuit Judge Keith Marquart set the defendant’s hybrid bond at $75,000 with $25,000 cash and $50,000 as a surety bond.

Green apparently doesn’t have the funds.

So while sitting in jail for a day and a half covered in his niece’s blood, Green wrote a letter to the judge asking for a personal recognizance bond, which if granted would mean he wouldn’t have to post any money. As an alternative, he asked for a bond reduction to a “reasonable amount.”

He said he wants to talk with his sister and attend his niece’s funeral. Then he mentions that his girlfriend found out that same day she was pregnant.

As surety, he promises to get and keep a job. He also mentions he’s enrolled in the fall at Missouri Western State University. Finally, he said he also wants to attend therapy sessions.

Marquart is already acquainted with Green.

The defendant was arrested in February on a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest. Green pleaded not guilty and the case is set for a jury trial in September before Marquart. At the time when his niece died, he was out of jail on a $5,000 hybrid bond.

There is a GoFundMe site to assist in the child’s funeral expenses at www.gofundme.com/f8k69x-funeral-cost.

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