Buchanan County EMS donates bleeding kits to schools

These bleeding kits were donated to Mid-Buchanan High School today. An average kit can cost $130. 

The Buchanan County Emergency Response Services have donated bleeding control kits to schools in their responding area as part of an awareness campaign called Stop the Bleed.

Buchanan County paramedics went to Mid-Buchanan High School on Friday to deliver a bleeding control kit to the school resource officer and they also trained the officer and faculty members on how to use the kits. Jace Drake is a paramedic and ran the training session today.

"A bleeding control kit is ultimately going to save someone's life for these major injuries we have." said Drake. 

The awareness campaign was started recently by the American College of Surgeons.

"It's called bleeding control and it's really to get bystanders awareness of bleeding control." Drake continued. "So if we can get these into public access areas and schools are a good place to start because then the kids see them and they become more prevalent in the public eye." 

There was previously not an emergency bleeding kit of any sort on school properties. Paramedics would be called if there was a serious injury involving blood. School resource officer, Sarah Hardin said the kits were needed.

"They're very important when you're out here in a county setting because sometimes it's harder to get emergency services out to us as fast as we need them because we're in a rural area." said Hardin. 

The kits can cost upwards of $100 dollars, which is one of the reasons there are not kits in more schools. 

"Asking school nurses to pay $130 for bleeding control kits is pretty expensive there. So, as a department as their ambulance or EMS professionals responding to them it's our job to provide them the tools help us ultimately down the road," said Drake. 

Drake said if a kit is used then the EMS needs to be notified so they can continue to restock the kits. 

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