GALT, Mo.— First-degree murder charges were filed Friday in connection with a fatal shooting in Grundy County.

Patrick B. Courtney, 34, of Galt, was charged with one count of first-degree murder in the shooting death of 32-year-old Christopher Molloy, also of Galt, on Thursday afternoon. Mr. Courtney allegedly told authorities he killed Mr. Molloy after a physical confrontation between the two at the residence of Mr. Molloy and Stephanie Miller at 200 N. Main St., when Mr. Courtney stuck Mr. Molloy over the head with a blunt object.

“The defendant … accompanied by Stephanie Miller … drove to his home … where he retrieved a .22LR caliber Heritage Rough Rider single action revolver,” court documents stated. “The defendant, still accompanied by Stephanie Miller, then after deliberating on the matter, returned to 200 North Main Street …, where he knowingly caused the death of Christopher J. Molloy by shooting Christopher J. Molloy in the left side of the head, right torso, both arms and in the back.”

The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office responded to multiple 911 calls to the residence shortly after 1 p.m., said Grundy County Sheriff Rodney Herring. As officers arrived, Mr. Molloy was found dead inside the residence.

“(Mr. Courtney) walked up to me, called me by my name and said ‘You need to go up there. I just killed this boy,’” said a witness who Mr. Courtney approached about a block away from the residence after he allegedly killed Mr. Molloy. “I was passed shocked. It made me sick.”

The witness, who asked not to be identified, said he’s known Mr. Courtney and his family for decades. He said the situation had been building for several weeks, if not months, before the fatal confrontation.

“From what I understand, (Mr. Molloy and Ms. Miller) were living together, but he had become abusive, so she kicked him out,” he said. “In the meantime, the other boy (Mr. Courtney) walked into the picture, but sometime in there, the Molloy boy came back.”

After officers’ arrival Thursday afternoon, Mr. Courtney approached a Grundy County Sheriff and told him that he shot Mr. Molloy. Mr. Courtney was taken into custody and later charged with first-degree murder Friday.

“This whole deal is over and done with and it was just an isolated incident,” the witness said when asked if he feared living in the city. “Either way you look at it, nobody deserves to die that way.”

Mr. Courtney was taken to the Grundy County Detention Center in Trenton, Mo. He faces a 9 a.m. arraignment Tuesday morning in Grundy County Associate Circuit Court.

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Obviously this "boy" has more issues than anger management. From the look of his photo I'd say he's got a drug problem.


Well let's just say I was a close friend and classmate of the victim in this case, and I don't know what to say about this man other than EVIL. I think its time to think about using that long forgotten death penalty again. The way this played out is just wrong and continues to be that way. By word of the street there is a bonafide accomplice still running the streets and it makes me sick. Us country folk don't have to deal with murderers much and this time we should set an example. If you come here and kill people then you will get the same. I pray for justice...

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