Jason Kander on Sunday called courage a major motivator in his bid to become the next Missouri secretary of state.

Mr. Kander visited Democratic Party supporters during a campaign stop Downtown at the Montee Law Firm. He faces Republican Shane Schoeller of Greene County in the Nov. 6 election.

He was introduced to the audience by Buchanan County Democratic Central Committee Chairman Randy Adams, who referred to Mr. Kander’s military service.

“There’s a lot of talk these days about political courage,” he said. “He’s lived it and he continues to live it.”

Mr. Kander’s background featured Army service in Afghanistan, including a stint as a military intelligence officer. He told the crowd that one mission involved providing security for a member of the Afghan Parliament.

“I think she just did what she thought was right,” he said of the member. “I saw a politician who had true courage. ... Courage means doing what’s right. ... I continue to be inspired by her example.”

He became a state representative for Jackson County in 2008.

“It’s what I learned growing up,” Mr. Kander said of public service. He pledged to stand up to special interests, lobbyists, Wall Street brokers, donors and friends if elected.

He said his military intelligence service aided working in the Capitol. His House tenure included helping balance the state budget. Campaign and ethics reform top his agenda, along with writing fair ballot language.

“I’ve taken on the true fraud — campaign finance fraud,” he said.

He wants to ensure that members of the military continue to have the ability to vote absentee by mail if they choose, and said he helped lead a bipartisan effort to kill anti-absentee voting legislation.

Mr. Kander currently works in a private law practice in addition to his legislative duties.

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