What some may consider a summer job will provide a meaningful internship for one student at Northwest Missouri State University.

Joshua Strong, 26, has been given a franchise opportunity with College Works Painting. The California-based company has been around since 1993 and said its program gives students a break from class and provides the opportunity to have their own business.

The junior business and financial management major will oversee work in Maryville and other areas south to Frederick Avenue in St. Joseph. He must hire his own staff for marketing, sales, painting and staining. The company provides training at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kan.

“Any other internships that I’ve heard about I just wasn’t that interested in,” he admits. “I love this because there has been quite a few financial advisers at companies that go through this (program). It’s structured a lot of the same way.”

But the Harrisonville, Mo., native wasn’t always on the path to becoming a financial adviser. In fact, he wanted to be a farmer, with no intentions of ever going to college.

Right out of high school, Mr. Strong worked a bit in construction and then on to a large row-crop farm. The 75-hour workweeks took their toll and he soon realized it was time to move on. He wanted more job enrichment.

He found a similar job row-cropping in the Maryville area, bought a house and enrolled at Northwest.

“I always knew I wanted to get into management, own my own business,” Mr. Strong said.

His interest in finance and management stemmed from hitting rock bottom. He said it always knocked him in the head and he learned to pick himself up.

“I learned how to manage my own finances, the correct way,” he said. “It became fun. Statistically, most people don’t know how to manage their own finances. And it’s actually really simple.”

The best part of helping some friends and family is seeing the light that goes on when they get it.

He also serves as the chief of staff and nontraditional representative on the Student Senate at his university. He plans to graduate in the spring of 2016

For now, Mr. Strong is focused on his internship. He spends his free time before the end of the year knocking on doors and drumming up business.

And the hard work with the company begins the Monday after finals in the first week of May.

College Works Painting operates in 19 states and hires as many as 2,000 students and paints more than 10,000 homes each year.

For more information about College Works Painting, call (660) 254-4047 or (888) 450-9675.

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