Having already written several songs and prepared to go into the studio, married musicians Jessie and Joe Flaska were missing one key ingredient: a band name.

Inspiration came just after the Fourth of July last year as they were writing down a list of their favorite fireworks sets. There, they saw two words next to each other that seemed to describe their modern rock sound: Witchcraft Lemonade.

“We thought, ‘Well, hey, that sounds pretty cool,’” Joe said.

The two of them had been writing music for about seven years and had performed under the name SweetDreamer before their current incarnation as Witchcraft Lemonade.

They brought on drummer Blake Henry, who recently wrapped up his project with the band Jessie’s Third Eye.

“It was different coming in with people who already had songs,” Henry said. “I started a band three years ago, and we just started from scratch. There was nothing there, but (Witchcraft Lemonade) already had songs laid out.”

Jessie said they essentially threw their new drummer to the sharks to start off, giving him around three weeks to practice a 4-hour show for St. Patrick’s Day.

But now, the trio — featuring Jessie on bass and lead vocals and Joe on lead guitar and backup vocals — is starting to find its sound, citing inspirations like Halestorm, Blink182, Kiss and Deep Purple.

The band’s covers span from the 1970s all the way through modern day. They'll even throw in some Lady Gaga, Stevie Nicks and Chris Stapleton, Jessie said.

Currently, they’re prepping for a number of shows, including opening for the band Trapt at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 19, at Amensia Too.

Before that, the band is looking forward to a performance at Unplugged, 2605 Frederick Ave.

“Unplugged is kind of a unique show,” Jessie said. “We throw in some songs out of the normal genres that we cover. We’ll be trying some of our new originals on people and seeing how the crowd takes to them, because they’re not recorded yet. It’s almost kind of like the campfire vibe minus the campfire, because everyone sings along and it’s just a really warm environment.”

Joe also mentioned an appearance from Alien Man at the show, a platform-shoe wearing mascot with a giant alien head that frequents the band’s shows. He’s almost at every one of the band’s shows now, Joe said, and even has a song written about him.

“We see a lot of familiar faces that are there at almost every event, and we couldn’t show more appreciation for that,” Jessie said. We’re excited to meet all of our new fans this weekend. Prepare to be abducted.”

Witchcraft Lemonade will perform at 9 p.m. on Friday, June 7 at Unplugged.

Daniel Cobb| St. Joe Live

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