Stand-up comedian Rod Reyes will perform at at 9:30 p.m. Friday, June 28 at Cafe Acoustic.

At 63 years old, Rod Reyes begs you to underestimate him as a comedian. It makes his razor-sharp wit and knowledge of today’s pop culture that much more satisfying when he makes you laugh.

The New York standup comedian got his start writing jokes for his brother, Rick Aviles, a comedian and actor in movies such as “Ghost.” Touring on his own, Reyes has stories for days and jokes for even longer.

“I’m not your grandfather’s 63-year-old. I listen to a lot of hardcore metal music and hip-hop, and my musical taste is all over the board, and I listen to a lot of young, contemporary stuff because I’m always getting (suggestions),” he says.

So when Reyes headlines the #NoFilter Comedy Night at 9:30 p.m. Friday at Cafe Acoustic with comedians Randy Delp, Jeff Jones, Nich Ford and Jake Goodwin, don’t be surprised when he knocks you over with a solid Wiz Khalifa joke.

But that’s not all. Being an observational comedian, Reyes comments on how the world has changed and what’s great and what sucks. They’re jokes that span generations and ones that he is very proud of.

“If you’re looking to be funny for just your age group, guess what? You’re being funny for a very, very narrow amount of people, and in five years, you’re going to have to change again,” he says. “Just write stuff that’s flat-out funny and don’t worry about who’s going to get your joke.”

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