“’Eight Crazy Nights’ with Adam Sandler and ‘Friday After Next.’ Those are definitely my favorite holiday movies because they’re hilarious. I think the holidays are all about the good times and laughter. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch those, they always have me dying like it’s the first time watching them.” Alec Smith, hip-hop artist “’A Christmas Story’ because it’s usually playing over and over and over on TBS. I watch it with all my kids and grandkids. They’re still laughing at it, especially when the kid has all the clothes on and he can’t stand up. We have it rolling in the background all Christmas.” Barry Woodhull, owner of Magoon’s “I guess I’m kind of stereotypical. I watch ‘The Grinch’ with Jim Carrey in it, just kind of comedy stuff to lighten up the mood. I like Jim Carrey as an actor. I grew up with him in the ‘Ace Ventura’ series. That’s why I kind of relate back to him. It’s just a classic story, too. It’s another take on it.” Acacia Richardson, artist at Missouri Western

Alec Smith hip-hop artist

Barry Woodhull

owner of Magoon’s

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