Sisters of ..., ‘Follow Me as a Ghost’ and ‘The Serpent, The Angel, and The Adversary.’

The ominous urgency of Tool meets the emotional levity of Explosions in the Sky in this fantastic five-song instrumental EP by Sisters of..., the collaborative project spearheaded by Seven Mile Drive drummer Aaron Coker (also a former member of The Appleseed Cast and Reggie & The Full Effect) with performances by Isaac Khan and Blue Oyster Culture Club’s Chris Clark.

Perhaps inspired by modern-day prog-metal groups like Deafheaven and Kylesa, “Sisters of...” dives head-first into the plush soundscapes you’d find from shoegazing bands of the early ‘90s, but it does so with an unmistakably hard charge. This is experimental metal at its finest.

Violent bass lines and wailing guitars drive “In a Sea of Red Strands,” a song that overflows with conflict before dipping into the placid, string-drenched eye of the storm where snare drums lead the way into a sense of false security before the listener is finally swallowed by dooming fear.

It’s pretty epic stuff. And it doesn’t let up through the next four songs: the adventurous and occasionally beautiful “Follow Me As a Ghost,” the creepy and unsettling “Sister Faith,” the perserverant but climactic “Sister Chance” and the reminiscent but energetic “Circle/9.”

“Sisters of ...” feels like the soundtrack to a heavy metal journey with plenty of bewitching moments and nightmarish circumstances along the way, constantly walking the line between terror and the terror that’s coming next. This stunning EP deserves multiple listens from any rock or metal fan.

You can listen to all five songs on the Bandcamp page of Sisters of... (sistersof.bandcamp.com).

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