If The Black Keys got into a horrible accident with Kings of Leon and melded together to write infectious, hook-filled rock tunes, you would have an idea of the greatness Omaha, Neb., rock band Rock, Paper, Dynamite achieves on its tracks.

Performing with Decatures at 9:30 p.m. July 13 at Cafe Acoustic, the Nebraska band will make its first trek to St. Joseph to get people bouncing and singing along to arena-sized jams.

Originally an alt-rock band out of Schuyler, Neb., the band changed its name and rhythm section and discovered a new sound.

“It started out a little similar to our other bands. They were called The Moondogs. I think adding the new rhythm section, those guys’ input and those guys’ playing really helped to evolve our sound,” singer Joseph Jay says.

It certainly didn’t hurt with songs like the active-rock-meets-southern-dance tune “Drinkin’ Boots,” or the thumping AC/DC-meets-indie rock “Bird Dog” to The Strokes-esque “Another Week.” The band makes it clear they have hooks for years to come. With five EPs and another one ready to be recorded, Rock, Paper, Dynamite is, excuse the terrible wordplay, primed to explode and excited to play in St. Joe.

“We had been recommended by our producer, his band used to come down and play, (and he) said it was a really fun town to play in,” Jay says.

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