At the Runcie Club World Affairs meeting Sept. 11 at the Benton Club, Joanne Katz, a professor emerita from Missouri Western State University, spoke about her 2017 semester as a Fulbright Scholar in Vietnam at the Foreign Trade University Faculty of Law in Hanoi.

Katz’s experience in Vietnam changed her perceptions of the country. She has published on the subject of restorative justice across the globe for nearly two decades.

The speaker for the Oct. 16 Runcie Club general meeting at the Pony Express Museum was Runcie member Dr. Sharon Gray. She recently took a trip along much of the former Pony Express route and was inspired to make a quilt commemorating the Pony Express. Her quilt features a purchased panel of a map of the Pony Express route. She chose a dozen Pony Express-related fabrics for the quilt, which includes eight quilt blocks common during the mid-1800s. One piece of fabric shows a postcard addressed to someone on Church Street in St. Joseph.

The Runcie Club was organized on Oct. 2, 1894, in St. Joseph, by Constance Faunt Le Roy Runcie as women’s literary club focused on literature, science and education. Today, in keeping with these ideals, the Runcie Club supports local libraries, arts programs, museums and historical sites in addition to awarding scholarships.