Pastor Fiske photo

Pastor Jared Fiske stands near the podium last week at Central Assembly of God Church at 1222 N. 18th St.

An internal call brought a pastor halfway across the country to St. Joseph.

“I just felt the spirit of God on it, I don’t know how to explain it,” says Jared Fiske, Central Assembly of God’s new lead pastor.

Fiske recently made a big move with his wife, Chelsea, and their children from Lincoln, Maine, population 5,085, to Missouri. The Fiske family includes 11 children, both biological and adopted. Fiske says adoption is an important topic for him.

“We’re all adopted into the family of God,” he says.

Fiske, 37, previously worked as a youth minister and children’s pastor across the U.S. in North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina and, most recently, Maine. He says he was waiting for that special role as a lead pastor and told God he would move anywhere for that role.

“We told God we’d move to Arizona, we told God we’d move to Florida,” Fiske says. “We’ve been youth pastors but we’ve been waiting for the leading of God to be a senior pastor.”

The pastor has high expectations for the Central Assembly of God and hopes to build a community that is welcoming to people from all places.

“The church is not a place for saved people, it’s a church for broken people. We want every type of person in our church,” he says. “Growing the church is reaching out to every type of person, hugging every type of person. There’s nobody that God doesn’t love, it doesn’t matter who they are, it doesn’t matter what type of sin they’re involved in. ... God loves everyone, and that’s how I plan on growing this church.”

Central Assembly of God was established in 1954 by Donald and Ardelia Ladd. The church still stands at its original location on 1222 N 18th St.

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