If you are a mother born in the early 1980s or later, a study released this month by BabyCenter has some predictions about your parenting style.

The Millennial generation, loosely defined to consist of people born between 1980 and 2000, has begun to have children and shows distinct differences in raising them than its immediate predecessor, Generation X.

“Millennial moms are clearly reacting to the way they were raised,” Mike Fogarty, SVP and global publisher at BabyCenter, says in an article on the study published by ABC News. “They’re creating an environment for their kids that’s more laid-back and less structured, and they feel more relaxed and happy as parents. They reject the pressure they grew up with.”

The study also focused on differences facilitated by technology and social media. Following are some interesting findings along these lines given in the report, which is available in PDF form from BabyCenter:

Millennial moms spend almost an hour more each day with some type of media device – such as a tablet, smart phone or computer connected to the Internet – than Generation X moms.

Millennial moms are more likely than Generation X moms to use social media as a tool in supporting their families. Among those surveyed, 39 percent of Millennials use social media to sell items they’ve made (versus 24 percent of Generation Xers), and 37 percent have begun a business that they promote through social media (versus 27 percent of Generation Xers).

Millennial moms make use of more social media platforms than Generation X moms and are less concerned about posting photos of their children on social networks.

Millennial moms are 81 percent more likely than Generation X moms to turn to parenting apps at least once a week for parenting-related information.

Millennial moms are twice as likely as Generation X moms to prefer communicating via text, twice as likely to use social media to send birthday party invitations and 21 percent less likely to send a thank-you note via postal mail.

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