Water gardens are great for spring and can be filled with fish, flowers or plants.

Those looking to make a splash with their landscaping this spring and summer might find a water garden is the way to go.

A water garden is a home pond that has various floating plants and can be stocked with fish like koi.

“Water gardens usually consist of some specific plants, usually lilies, lotus and ornamental fish,” said Kirby Nickell, president of the St. Joseph Water Garden Society. “There are a lot of plants that you actually can put in water, but primarily some of the ones that people really like when they have a pond are the lilies and the lotus plants.”

Nickell said there are many other options for plants to float in your water garden. As long as roots are able to float in the water, then plants can float in a water garden.

“There’s a lot of marginal plants which you just set the roots down in the water,” he said.

Fish are also an option to add to a water garden or pond.

“One of the nice things people really like are the koi and sometimes goldfish that’s different for a pond,” Nickell said.

If you do have fish in your water garden, Nickell said you need to treat the water to protect and keep them alive.

“Of course if you have fish, you have to treat the water because the chemicals (that we have in our city water) actually can kill the fish,” Nickell said.

To learn more about water gardens or ponds, contact members of the St. Joseph Water Garden Society by visiting the group’s website at sjwatergarden.com.

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