When you think of wine accessories you probably think of the standards: glasses, charms, aerators, stoppers, corkscrews and bottle openers. When looking to buy those you will find a myriad of choices. 

Beyond the basics you can find a variety of interesting accessories. 

Wine bottle decorations (giftedgrape.com): Turn a wine bottle into a conversation piece by dressing it up. Choose from wine bottle covers, tags, clothing, toppers, wraps, necklaces, aprons and many other options. 

Wine glass insulator (theblingthing.com): Woozies are designed to fit standard medium-sized wine glasses. They help insulate the glass to hold temperature. 

Wine pearls (uncommongoods.com): These stainless steel orbs can be frozen and then added to a glass of wine to keep it at an ideal temperature, and they will not melt and dilute the flavor. 

Wine condom (amazon.com): Wine condoms sit flush with the rim of the bottle which makes it easier to store in a refrigerator, and they prevent spills. They can be tossed in the trash along with an empty bottle or they can be reused. 

Wine tote (Bed Bath and Beyond): Insulated tote bags can carry one or more bottles of wine and keep them chilled until they're ready to be opened. 

Wine sack (uncommongoods.com): With its portable ease, this sleek bag gives boxed wine a good name. It features a non-slip rubber base, comfortable handle for easy carrying and an adjustable interior roomy enough to slip in an ice pack to chill white wines. 

Portovino wine purse (wineenthusiast.com): This purse is designed to be functional. It also has an insulated compartment that holds a removable bladder for your favorite wine. The exterior flap conceals the pouring spout. 

WineRack bra (thebeerbelly.com): The WineRack contains a reusable bladder, and there is a tube that runs up your clothing so you can sip away undetected. This bra has the added benefit of adding some padding to an A cup. Blowing into the tube will help keep that full look even as you drink from your secret stash. 

Hidden flask infinity scarf (boozingear.com): This infinity scarf is designed to conceal your favorite drink anywhere you go without being noticed. The scarf has a bite valve on the end for you to drink from and holds eight ounces of fluid. 

Tampon flasks (winegifted.com): No one would ever think to check your tampons for alcohol. These flasks hold one ounce each. 

There are a surprising number of ways to carry alcohol. Other hidden flasks include bangle bracelets, hairbrushes, ice packs, cameras, binoculars, ties, umbrellas and shoes.