Vanessa Culver is a wife, a mother and a published author.  

She has published "Radiant Red," a book that combats bullying, a message for all ages.

"Radiant Red" focuses on its main character, Izzy Grace, a young girl with bright red hair who spreads the message of "Be kind to everyone."

"My main focus for 'Radiant Red' is on spreading kindness was to get kids to focus on all the good they can do in the world just by tiny, tiny acts," Culver says.

Culver knew she wanted to write a children's book early on after being inspired on a field trip she took in high school.

"In high school, I took a child development class and we were asked to go to a day care in Savannah and make a book for the children," she says. "So we were supposed to write the book and do all of the illustrations. At that time, I decided that someday I would like to write a children's book."

The character for "Radiant Red" was inspired by family members in Culver's life.

"I've always loved the name Izzy and I lost one of my grandmother's when I was about 11 years old -- her middle name was Grace," she says. "So I thought perhaps one day if I had a little redheaded girl, I'd name her Izzy Grace. God blessed me with two little boys, so I brought it to life through the book."

Culver says she had been writing the book in her journal for a year but didn't take steps to publish it until a life event inspired her to put her thoughts out there.

"I think the light-bulb moment was, I had been studying for my project management certification exam for about a year," she says. "The first time I took the test, I failed and I was mortified and devastated that I had put all of this time and energy into something and I had failed at it."

That fail turned into motivation for Culver, who currently works as a project manager at Mosaic Life Care. 

"In that moment I thought 'Life's too short to be consumed by these things that don't really matter. I'm going to pass this test, stop living small and start going for the dreams I've always wanted," the author says.

Culver currently lives in Amazonia, Missouri, with her husband and two sons.

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