Hydrafacials are growing in popularity. 

The procedure combines a cleansing, exfoliating and extraction process that hydrates and brings antioxidant protection. The end result is clearer skin with no down time.

"It's nice because I can get a real impact on my skin without chemicals or 'procedures' done," said Susan Jacobs. 

Jacobs, 47, says she gets hydrafacials once a month. 

The treatment, she says, is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive and non-irritating. It's growing in popularity because it appeals to women of all ages and skin concerns. 

Jacobs says she has seen both men and women get hydrafacials along with others decades older than she is. 

The St. Joseph woman says she learned about hydrafacials from a coworker.

"I've always had big pores and felt insecure about how my skin has changed over the years," Jacobs says. "I don't really have wrinkles or other big issues that would warrant Botox or serious medical stuff. I just wanted something basic that actually did something."

Aftercare for hydrafacials is simple. Avoid activities that would add water or make you sweat, such as exercising, saunas, swimming pools or hot tubs. Experts warn to avoid sun or exfoliation for at least three days afterwards. It is fine to apply makeup after a hydrafacial, but you may want to consider giving your skin a break and wait at least a day.

In the St. Joseph area, hydrafacials are performed by aestheticians and cost on average $60 and up. The sessions usually last an hour.