​Daycare, preschool or elementary school days may mean your house is flooded with paintings, macaroni noodle art or construction paper cutouts. You love your child’s beautiful creations, but you’re not quite sure how to display all of it. We’ve got a few ideas.​

Option 1: Freeform it. If you’re fairly easygoing about what happens to your walls (a few of mine are signed with marker, crayon or chalk), then this technique might be for you. Simply put a couple pieces of tape on the back of your favorite pieces of art (so that it won’t permanently stick), and find an area to place them. For example, you might want to designate the wall above your child’s bookshelf to brighten the room. This keeps it temporary and allows you to transport everything later as your child’s work accumulates.​

Option 2: Frame it. Start a collection of the coolest, most random picture frames, and the next time your little one brings home a new project, you’ll have a frame ready to hold it. Thrift stores work great.​

Option 3: Canvas it. For a sleek (slightly more expensive) display, take photographs of your child’s artwork and upload them to your computer. Transfer their artwork to canvas via Shutterfly or your program of choice.​

Option 4: Hang it up. Pottery Barn’s website advertises mounted boards with hooks that you can attach your child’s papers to. This would look classy in a living room or playroom and allow for easy rotation of pieces.​

Option 5: Pillow art. If you really feel like splurging, you can even customize pillows on Shutterfly with photos of your child's art.